FCB World Penyes Federation

FCB World Penyes Federation gathers the official Supporters clubs (penyes) of FC Barcelona of the “World” zone which means located outside of Catalonia and Spain. It was officially established in 2016 and currently has 128 active Supporters clubs and 17 400 Supporters clubs’ members.


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Penya Blaugrana Osos Rusos

Penya Blaugrana Osos Rusos is the official FC Barcelona Fan Club in Russia (Moscow, Moscow region). Despite the fact that the organization received official status only recently (December 2017), their Penya is being dynamically developed which leads to its growing recognition by newly made friends/representatives of other fan clubs all around the world. In a short time, they have already met and established friendship with more than 15 official Penyes.

Penya Barçamania de Moscou

Blaugrana community from barcamania.com started supporting FCB in Moscow from 2003 and became an official supporters club in June of 2017.

They meet every week to watch Barça games and support the Club in Russia and CIS territory, playing football in the European fan clubs tournament and develop barcamania.com as a center of online and offline activities.

Penya Blaugrana de Saint Petersburg

PB de Saint Petersburg, Proud Member of f FCB World Penyes Federation, is the first official supporters club of FC Barcelona in Russian Federation and CIS in Saint-Petersburg.
Their penya represents the cultural capital of the Russian Federation in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
They are Cules of different races, nationalities and religions, supporters who are united by one passion and they are supporters of all ages and social status.
During the existence of their penya, they have united a lot of Barça supporters: at the moment they are the biggest penya in Russia.
PB de Sant Petersburg is for now also the only penya in Russia who has signed an official brotherhood with a Catalan penya:
In December 2016 in the mayor’s office of Mora d’Ebro they signed an act of brotherhood, friendship and cooperation of both penyes – PB Mora d’Ebro and PB de Sant Petersburg .
Every year they visit the World Penyes Congress and find new friends all over the world: USA, Mexico, England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Netherlands, Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, China, Japan and of course, Catalonia and Spain.